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Q: Is sand tray therapy only for children? 
A. Sand play therapy is effective with adults as well as children. It's not unusual for some sand play therapists to work only with adults.

Q: Where can I learn more about sand tray therapy and find a therapist? 
A. You've come to the right place. 
After reading this page, contact Joanna Trevino, LPC to schedule your sand play session. Joanna has advanced training in sand tray therapy, and can answer your questions.

Q: What is the purpose of the miniature figures in sand tray therapy?
A. Figures and objects from culture and nature symbolize events and situations in our inner and outer lives. We select and place objects and move the sand itself to create scenes that express our deepest concerns.

Q: Why is sand tray therapy considered play therapy?
 Play is one of the highest functions of the brain; a serendipitous 'play' of psychic energy that never remains fixed in any area of the brain. In this sheer play of the mind, we create worlds in sand that depict our psychic situation, and we move closer to resolving inner conflict.

Q: Why is sand tray termed a "non-verbal" therapy? 
A. The deep psyche expresses itself in images and symbols more than words, so sand play uses objects and figures to reflex psychic content. Verbal therapy generally precedes the sand play.

Q: Can anyone do sand tray therayp?
A. In a free and protected space, most anyone can enjoy and benefit from sand play. But some individuals are not quite ready and other forms of play may be recommended before moving to the sand.

Q: Can adults still play and do sand tray therapy?
A.  Of course. With just a little practice at letting go of our conscious will we can follow what our hands and eyes want to do and play to our heart's content.

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