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What is a Mind-Body Skills Group?
A powerful, effective combination of research-based healing therapies to help you deal with life changes, stress, and illness in an intimate and supportive group setting.

Mind-Body Skills Groups help people to transform the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual dimensions of their lives.
•Reduce and relieve stress
•Increase resistance to disease
•Create optimal health

Mind-Body Skills Groups are beneficial for people dealing with life changes.
•Severe Stress

Mind Body Skills Groups offer significant benefits for people with chronic illness including:
•Depression and Anxiety
•Post Traumatic Stress
•Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
•Fertility Issues

Mind-body skills are the single most important and best documented way to deal with stress that contributes to chronic illness. Participants have experienced a decrease in depression/anxiety, a heightened sense of well-being and engagement in life. Learned better coping skills, experience fewer physical symptoms, enhanced immune system functioning and greater self-awareness and positive perceptions about their own lives.

What will a Mind-Body Skills Group do for me?
Empower your growth through effective, research proven skills such as:
•Meditation: live content, mindful life
•Guided Imagery: use imagination to help mind and body heal
•Autogenic Training (self hypnosis)
•Biofeedback: use your body’s natural abilities to relax
•Breath Work: enhance health by breathing more fully
•Movement: become aware of your body’s natural responses, release stress and increase energy
•Journal Writing
•Drawing & Expressive Arts
•Play & Creative Activities

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