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Hypnosis is simply an altered state of consciousness. Hypnosis is successfully used for smoking cessation, eliminating unwanted habits/behaviors, weight loss, relaxation training, pain management, performance enhancement, and much more. Hypnosis is a particular altered state of selective hyper-suggestibility brought about in an individual by the use of a combination of techniques for relaxation, fixation of attention, and suggestion.
Hypnosis involves hypnotic trance which is simple shifting back and forth between conscious and sub-conscious mind. This is a natural process – hypnosis uses your natural ability – individual motivation is key - all hypnosis is self-hypnosis. Hypnosis in a hypnotherapist’s office is guided or directed self-hypnosis. The hypnotherapist teaches self-hypnosis and assists you to discover your own inner resources.
What happens in a Hypnosis session?
Some problems such as smoking or weight loss have a standard protocol and typically take several sessions. For example, a smoking cessation clinical hypnosis package would most likely include 3-4 sessions. The first two sessions conducted one day after the other, with the third session conducted 2-4 days after that.  If a fourth session was needed, it would be conducted approximately a week after the third session. If needed, follow-up sessions could be conducted to address any conversion issues and enhance previous hypnosis effects. Some problems may require more sessions depending upon goals of the client. Most people see a dramatic improvement after one session.
Hypnotherapy is effective in dealing with unwanted behaviors and long term emotional issues. Hypnotherapy uses regression, positive suggestions, guided visualizations, goal setting and metaphor to effect change. Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to bypass the conscious mind thus preventing it from interfering with the process of change. Hypnotherapy is a safe, reliable and fast way to release old fears and negative emotions, extinguish unwanted habits, and remove limiting beliefs. Using your natural ability to experience hypnosis and the built-in process for learning all human beings possess, hypnotherapy identifies distorted ideas and beliefs that dictate what we think about the world and ourselves. These distortions have caused us to make certain unhealthy decisions about ourselves. Hypnotherapy uses this same process to release unhealthy, unbalanced, learning and replaces it with new experiences and new decisions about who you truly are and how you choose to experience the world you live in.
What happens in a Hypnotherapy session?
Each hypnotherapy session is scheduled for 1.5 hours. This allows time for a brief interview, the hypnotherapy process, as well as time for integration/discussion. Hypnotherapist and you will work together to create a personalized plan on how to best achieve the outcome you desire. This personalized plan usually includes hypnosis, and may be integrated with non-hypnotic techniques as therapeutically appropriate. Most people see a dramatic improvement after one session. Some individuals may need more than one session, depending on client goals and other therapeutic factors. All initial sessions are also 1.5 hours and will be mainly information-gathering in nature. The first hypnotherapy session is conducted the within a week of the initial session. Most people see a dramatic improvement after one hypnotherapy session. Subsequent sessions will build upon and enhance this improvement. Subsequent sessions are typically one week apart, but you and your hypnotherapist may agree that you would benefit from having more time between sessions – perhaps several weeks - to process and integrate your experience. Although each hypnotherapy session is a distinct therapeutic experience that provides benefits independent of subsequent sessions, the improvement you experience is greater and longer lasting with repeated sessions.
Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy EMPOWERS you!
The entire hypnosis and hypnotherapy process validates the fact that the answers are within you. You are always in charge of your process. Hypnotherapist acts as your guide or facilitator of the personal freedom that you work toward.
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