Mind-Body Counseling Center - GROUPS - San Antonio, TX
Mind-Body Counseling Center  -
Mind-Body Skills Group
Scheduled start 
Thursday April 5, 2018

Closed Group
Thursdays 6-8 pm

8-weeks in length 
Each weekly group is 2 hours 

Financial investment is $75 per 
2-hour group session

Group size is limited to 8 participants
Must attend all 8 weeks

Intake required prior to participation

For more information see Mind-Body Skills Groups page on this site and call
Joanna Trevino, MA, LPC-S
(210) 219-4302 
[email protected]

Participate in a group and learn mind-body stress reduction techniques. Learn why mind-body techniques such as guided imagery, visualization, expressive arts, breathwork, meditation and mindfulness are so effective in helping deal with any type of stress that you are experiencing.
Participate in a group and learn mind-body stress reduction techniques. 
Singing Bowl Healing and Breathwork Group
Experience healing vibrations offered through crystal singing bowls and breathwork integration group.

Learn about crystal singing bowls and breath work therapy and how this integration can help you experience many types of healing. 

Process your experience in a safe, confidential group setting. 

Open to community at large and existing clients. Community at large individuals must attend intake session prior to group breath participation. 

Call (210) 219-4302 or email [email protected]
 for more information.
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