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There is something you need to know about your Breath. 
It is not just about providing oxygen as fuel for the body.
Yes, it does this but the Breath contains much more.
Breath is the Access Point to your inner reality.
When you let go and Breathe in a gentle circle
it can take you inside to the place of answers,
providing wisdom in moments of confusion,
bringing you peace in moments of stress,
giving you strength when you feel weak,
replacing fear with courage and power,
forgiveness in place of resentment,
and carry you when you are alone.
It opens your heart to all of life.

~ Carol Lampman, September 2014 Contemplation

Breathwork Therapy utilizes your breath to induce an altered state of consciousness in which you can access your unconscious and experience deeper, more connected healing of your mind, body and emotions. You may experience physical emotion, expanded thoughts/awareness, multi-dimensional reality, emotional release, your inner self, and empowerment. You may also have clarity of thoughts and receive answers to issues, and increase focus, creativity, and problem-solving abilities.
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